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Revival Today Audio Podcast

Revival Today Audio Podcast features Live Weekly Revival Teaching by Jegede Sunday Emmanuel. 

Pastor Jegs (as he is fondly called) is a seasoned and passionate pastor, missionary, author and teacher of God's Word. He is deeply committed to revival of true Christianity, and to preparing and equipping labourers for the end-time revival and harvest.

Pastor Jegs is the General Coordinator of Heralds of Revival Ministries.

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Feb 27, 2021

God is a Merciful and Gracious God.

Being Merciful and Gracious, God is naturally inclined to be merciful and gracious toward sinners.

God's disposition toward sinners is not to condemn or punish sinners, but rather to forgive and save sinners.

Part 4 of this enlightening teaching series clearly presents God's...

Feb 20, 2021

God is inherently or intrinsically holy. 

God completely hates or abhors sins.

God cannot stand, accommodate, tolerate or overlook sins.

Consequently, God condemned sin in the flesh of Christ.

Part 3 of this enlightening teaching series aptly presents God's disposition toward sin - God's justice to sin.

Listen and learn...

Feb 13, 2021

What God offers you in Christ is total cancellation of your sins and the penalty of your sins.

Having being forgiven your sins through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Christ, you will never be condemned, judged guilty, or punished for your sins by God.

Part 2 of this enlightening teaching series clearly explains what...

Feb 6, 2021

God offers all men forgiveness of sins as a precious gift at the expense of Christ.

The single sacrifice of Jesus Christ for sins procures and secures unlimited forgiveness of sins for all men.

Part 1 of this enlightening teaching series aptly examines forgiveness of sins as a precious gift and blessing of God in Christ.