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Revival Today Audio Podcast

Revival Today Audio Podcast features Live Weekly Revival Teaching by Jegede Sunday Emmanuel. 

Pastor Jegs (as he is fondly called) is a seasoned and passionate pastor, missionary, author and teacher of God's Word. He is deeply committed to revival of true Christianity, and to preparing and equipping labourers for the end-time revival and harvest.

Pastor Jegs is the General Coordinator of Heralds of Revival Ministries.

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Oct 26, 2019

Being born-again is being born into the supernatural family of winners, overcomers, victors or conquerors.

Winning, overcoming and triumphing is in your spiritual DNA as a child of God.

As a child of God, it is your nature and destiny to always win, overcome and triumph in life.

However, there is a habit you need to put...

Oct 19, 2019

Being born-again is being born into a realm of limitless possibilities. 

There is no limit to your potentials in Christ.

Listen to this inspiring teaching and learn how to unbox or unleashed your potentials in Christ.

This teaching will challenge you and show you how to get rid of every self-imposed limitation, boundary...

Oct 12, 2019

The product of the spiritual or new birth is not a reformed, refined or a better person, but rather a brand New Creation in Christ.

At salvation, you put off the old man (who is according to the image of Adam) and you put on the new man (who is according to the image of Christ).

This inspiring teaching aptly explains...

Oct 5, 2019

One of the most fervent desires and prayers of Paul for the Christians at Ephesus is to know and experience the love of Christ.

What does it mean to know or experience the love of Christ?

What are the benefits or blessings of knowing and experiencing the love of Christ?

How can you begin to know and experience the love...