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Revival Today Audio Podcast

Revival Today Audio Podcast features Live Weekly Revival Teaching by Jegede Sunday Emmanuel. 

Pastor Jegs (as he is fondly called) is a seasoned and passionate pastor, missionary, author and teacher of God's Word. He is deeply committed to revival of true Christianity, and to preparing and equipping labourers for the end-time revival and harvest.

Pastor Jegs is the General Coordinator of Heralds of Revival Ministries.

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Jun 8, 2019

Fear is one of the most potent and destructive weapons in Satan's arsenal or weaponry.

The devil strongly relies on and often uses fear to control, manipulate, dominate, paralyze, and hold people back from attaining their maximum potentials and from pursuing and fulfilling God's plans and purposes for their lives.

Feb 9, 2019

Many people today are living in various kind of boxes constructed for them or by themselves.

Many great potentials, abilities, dreams, songs, books, inventions or innovations are trapped in some boxes.

These boxes come in different forms, shapes, sizes, and colours. These boxes exist only in people's minds.

Find out in...

Jan 26, 2019

If you are a believer in Christ, sin is no longer your master. Christ's death marks an end to the control of sin over your life.

You have an unbroken fellowship with God in Christ. You are constantly drawing supernatural resources from Christ.

In Christ you have all it takes to overcome every temptation to sin. So, stop...

Jan 19, 2019

For a Christian, a life of constant struggles with sins and falling into temptations is an abberation - abnormal, unfitting, unbecoming, and unchrist-like.

If you have truly believed and confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, sin has no more dominion or power over you.

But, if you are still being ruled and...

Nov 14, 2015

Everyone of us will face a Goliath in his or her lifetime. Goliath comes in different shapes and sizes. Goliath comes with difference faces and names.

When you are confronted by your Goliath or Giant in life, you have only two options - to either fight or flee, or to either resist or surrender to your Goliath.