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Revival Today Audio Podcast

Revival Today Audio Podcast features Live Weekly Revival Teaching by Jegede Sunday Emmanuel. 

Pastor Jegs (as he is fondly called) is a seasoned and passionate pastor, missionary, author and teacher of God's Word. He is deeply committed to revival of true Christianity, and to preparing and equipping labourers for the end-time revival and harvest.

Pastor Jegs is the General Coordinator of Heralds of Revival Ministries.

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Dec 30, 2023

It is easy and natural to forget what God has done for you.

That is why the Scripture admonishes you not to forget any of God's benefits or blessings (Psa. 103:2).

Not forgetting God's benefits is an effective antidote against fear, discouragement, despair, depression, worry, or anxiety, even amid a storm.


Dec 23, 2023

God has graciously offered you His most incredible gift.

No other gift can compare with this gift God offers you.

What is God's greatest gift to you?

This inspiring teaching presents and explains God's greatest gift to you and how to receive and enjoy this gift.

Dec 16, 2023

You are a tripartite being composed of spirit, soul, and body. 

Having a good rest is vital for your physical well-being, but if your spirit or soul is not at rest, it will be difficult for your body to rest. 

God offers you a perfect rest for your spirit and soul in Christ Jesus.

What kind of rest is available in...

Dec 9, 2023

Preaching the Gospel of Christ is proclaiming salvation as a gift of God to all humankind.

Preaching the Gospel of Christ is proclaiming that salvation is only available in Christ Jesus.

Preaching the Gospel of Christ is proclaiming that sinners can only receive salvation through faith in Christ and His...

Dec 2, 2023

Preaching the Gospel of Christ is not calling sinners to stop sinning and start living right.

Preaching the Gospel of Christ is not condemning sinners.

Preaching the Gospel of Christ is not proclaiming God's judgment on sinners.

Part 5 of this enlightening teaching series aptly explains what the preaching of the Gospel...