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Revival Today Audio Podcast

Revival Today Audio Podcast features Live Weekly Revival Teaching by Jegede Sunday Emmanuel. 

Pastor Jegs (as he is fondly called) is a seasoned and passionate pastor, missionary, author and teacher of God's Word. He is deeply committed to revival of true Christianity, and to preparing and equipping labourers for the end-time revival and harvest.

Pastor Jegs is the General Coordinator of Heralds of Revival Ministries.

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Aug 17, 2019

Spiritual gifts are God's gracious bestowments on believers in Christ. They are distributed by the Holy Spirit as He wills.

They cannot be earned, deserved, merited or bought with good works or performance. They are to be received and exercised by faith alone in Christ.

Spiritual gifts are to be stirred up and exercised...

Aug 10, 2019

Having being bought or redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, you are now a living sacrifice to God - holy and acceptable or well-pleasing to God in Christ.

What does God expect from you as His living sacrifice?

What does God do with His living sacrifice?

This enlightening teaching presents clear answers from...

Aug 3, 2019

The forgiveness of sins is a gift or blessing of God in Christ; it is the benefit of the finished work of Christ.

The forgiveness of sins is available to us only through the Blood of Jesus (His atoning sacrifice).

The Forgiveness of Sins can only be appropriated by Faith in Christ and His Finished Work.

Learn from this...

Jul 27, 2019

God is not forgiving your sins little by little, progressively or continually in Christ; He forgave you once and for all on the account of the atoning sacrifice of Christ.

There is no record of your sins in heaven; the blood of Jesus has completely blotted out all your sins.

In Christ, God does not see you as uncleaned;...

Jul 20, 2019

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not having the Spirit or seeking for more of the Spirit, but rather letting the Spirit have you and more of you.

Being filled with the Spirit is simply letting the Spirit be in full control of the whole of your being or life.

It is impossible to live a Christian life and do a...